Tree 2,1M - 240 Warm White LED 1D Door

up to 21 days


Think how many times you wanted to create a charming atmosphere of Christmas in their home, and did not have time for that? Well, we have a solution!  If you want to greet guests in a spectacular manner, install a luminous decorations on the front door of your home! 

Made with 240 LEDs Christmas Tree design is equipped with a versatile strap that fits on every door, thanks to its installation is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. With the 1D Door tree remains invisible in daylight and in the evening turns into a fabulous how many-discrimination at your door. Just a glow! 

Building the Christmas Tree 1D Door- 2,1 m 240LED takes about 5 to 10 minutes, then you're ready for the christmas season. Christmas tree is resistant against all weather resistant. After the Christmas season, the Christmas tree, you can easily store it in the original box, so you have many years of enjoyment!  The Christmas Tree 1D Door 2,1 m 240LEDs is supplied with an universal adjustable strap, making it easy to install without damaging the door.

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