Catwalk No.1

up to 21 days


CATWALK is cordless, robust, outdoor path lighting. This elegant design is found exclusively at Gacoli. Our Catwalk No. 1 wall lamp is entirely cord and wire-free, and is easy to place anywhere you want: on a fence, perhaps, but, as the name suggests, also on a wall. When we design our lamps we always keep the environment in mind.

CATWALK unit efficiently stores sunlight in a smart battery and comes equipped with a fully automatic twilight switch. A CATWALK has LED lights on three sides. Each side has two natural white LED lights to properly light your garden path, border, or driveway. The CATWALK EMU comes with six LED lights in total.

You no longer need any cables, which makes our outdoor lamps simple to place and move. Catwalk lamp can remain outdoors 365 days a year without sustaining any damage.

That is why the Catwalk line of wall lamps comes with sustainable, environmentally friendly LED lights on three of its four sides. What more do you need?

365 days a year outdoor proof.

2 years-warranty