Tree 1,85M - 250 Warm White LED

up to 21 days


Christmas Tree 1,85 meter tall - 250 leds. 

The Christmas Tree 250 comes standard with a pole, what makes the tree easy to place wherever you want.
 This tree is for every garden!

The tree is comprised of six rings in which the 250 LED lights are placed in a specific order. This creates a gorgeous tree shape in just a few minutes' time. Just a glow!

The 250-LED strand is attached to a special weather-resistant 24 volt transformer and comes with a five metre cord. 

You're after an easy to assemble and disassemble, durable Christmas tree that will give you years of pleasure. Wouldn't that just be ideal?! It's ready to trim right from the box and is easy to store.

With the Christmas Tree systems you create in no time a supreme Christmas atmosphere that appeals to everyone's imagination. Just a glow!

What more do you need?