Monroe No.1

up to 21 days


The small lamp cover also guarantees atmospheric lighting that you can dim using the remote control included. Can you see yourself sitting outside for hours at a time during the summer?

The Monroe no. 1 compact, decorative, and yet edgy hanging lamp that runs on solar energy. The Monroe no. 1 comes equipped with a beautiful stainless steel chain, so you can hang it anywhere in your garden with ease. This model is small, just 25 cm high and 25 cm wide, which means it's easy to move from one place to another. You can also set the lamp down anywhere on the ground.

Should the EMU not have stored sufficient sunlight, then use the charger supplied to charge them fully in two hours flat.

You no longer need any cables, which makes the solar outdoor lamps simple to place and move. Our lamp can also stay outdoors for 365 days a year without you having to worry about them sustaining damage.

What more do you need? 

365 days a year outdoor proof. 

2 years-warranty