Nomad No.2

up to 21 days


What more could you want in a lamp? A garden lamp as they are supposed to be. It comes with a handy spike so you can move it all around your garden or border.  The 90 cm high and 30 cm wide Nomad no. 2 standing designer lamp works entirely on solar energy, in other words it doesn't require electricity. This makes it not only makes it nice to look at, but it also entirely cord and wire-free. How sustainable and environmentally friendly!

The EMU in the NOMAD efficiently stores sunlight in a smart battery and comes with a fully automatic twilight switch, so you never have to give your NOMAD a second thought. The 24 warm white LEDs will turn on once twilight arrives.

You no longer need any cables, which makes solar outdoor lamps simple to place and move. Our garden lighting can remain outdoors 365 days a year without sustaining any damage.

What more do you need? 

365 days a year outdoor proof. 

2 years-warranty