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Thank you for your interest in our offer.

We are happy that we can share with you our product series and wonderful sensations, which they deliver.

To be able to enjoy them long term use, we would like to offer you some practical tips, which we recommend to follow when installing our products or in later use. Here they are:

1. Installation / Assembly

Each product of Solar Lighting is designed to self-assemble and install. This means that, each lighting carefully turn each of its element, and finally stabilise. What does it mean?

  • in the case of solar lights - tighten the screws on the underside of the lamp base,
  • for christmas decorations - secured in the medium in which it is installed.

2. EMU System - Energy Management Unit

Solar lights are equipped with intelligent power management system EMU. EMU is a battery / accumulator which is charged from the sun or the light of day and give you the energy to power LED lights after dark. Exposed to constant weather conditions, especially in the city are dirty. For this purpose, once for a while use a damp cloth and then dry wipe the top of the lamp. The frequency of maintenance depends on the degree of air pollution. In an urban environment just such a process repeated once every two to three months.

3. Weather conditions

Weatherproof have various strength. Products from SOLAR Lighting are subjected to continuous their action. Products intended for external use are prepared for all weather conditions of our climate. In case of strong wind, the strength of which may fall high product, we recommend to additionally secured to the ground the product.

We're happy that our products deliver you an unforgettable experiences.



SOLAR Lighting Team

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