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Looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to light your sunshade, veranda, or covering? Then you might like to take a look at the POWERBLOCKS.  Powerblocks light the environment around or under your sunshade umbrella or veranda in seconds. The four reliable and solid, compact blocks are powered by an EMU - Energy Management Unit, and run on solar energy. You may also like to use the charger included to charge the Powerblocks.

Do you have a large shade umbrella, veranda or covering? If so, you might like to combine two Powerblock sets - it's easy to do!  If you chose Powerblocks with their warm white LED lights, you're not only choosing to have an attractive home, you're also making a conscious decision for sustainability, quality and ease of use. 

Powerblocks come with 6 LED lights per block. These POWERBLOCKS are powered by the EMU (the Energy Management Unit) that can be attached to your sun umbrella. This unit has an innovative sliding system you can attach without using tools: you simply slide the EMU over the sun umbrella and you're done. The POWERBLOCKS come with a long cable to you can mount them in the most ideal location.

The POWERBLOCKS can stay under your sun umbrella the whole year through, without sustaining any damage. In addition to acting as under-parasol lighting, POWERBLOCKS are also highly suited to lighting the veranda, or as marquee lighting.

What more do you need?

365 days a year outdoor proof. 

2 years-warranty