Reader No.2

up to 21 days


The READER no 2 is ideal for every wall and fence. The warm white LEDs will shine a substantial ray of light.  Equipped with an on/off switch, motion sensor and a twilight sensor.

The READER series, these gorgeous lamps are recognisable by their rectangular model and brushed stainless steel, making them resistant to all types of weather. The integrated EMU captures the sunlight and converts it into warm white LED lighting.

If the EMU is unable to absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight, you can fully charge the light within 2 hours using the provided charger.

The unique and patented Energy Management Unit (EMU), developed by producer, works fully automatically. The light charges during the day using daylight and stores this electricity. When the light is activated, it converts the stored electricity into warm white LED lighting. 

What more do you need? 

365 days a year outdoor proof. 

Wireless outdoor lighting.

2 years-warranty