Roots No.1

up to 21 days


The ROOTS no. 1 is a hang lamp, have lovely stainless steel chains attached to an S hook, so you can hang them in such things like trees. And although the name suggests otherwise, you can still set the Roots no. 1 down on the ground. This and the following four lamps in the ROOTS series all have the same size lampshades.  The lampshade is 46 cm high and 35 cm width and attached 150 cm long stainless chain.

The ROOTS EMU system efficiently stores solar energy in a smart battery and comes equipped with a pull switch and a remote control with dimmer. 16 warm white LEDs and a twilight- mode.

The warm white ROOTS line means you can always decide when you want to use them. Should the EMU not have stored sufficient sunlight, then use the charger supplied to charge them fully in two hours flat. You no longer need any cables, which makes the our outdoor lamps simple to place and move. The lamps can also stay outdoors for 365 days a year without you having to worry about them sustaining damage.

What more do you need? 

Wireless outdoor lighting. 

365 days a year outdoor proof. 

2 years-warranty