Tree 10m - 4000 Warm White LEDs

up to 21 days


Would you like to decorate a city square, park, playground, and you do not have time for it? We have a solution for this. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, we propose a Christmas Tree with a height of 1000 cm, dressed in lights with 4000 LEDs. Without the need to decorate, you'll create a fabulous atmosphere of any place. Its luminous construction draws attention at the first look at the surroundings. Just shine! ✨ ✨

This Christmas Tree model is very simple to build, just about 30 minutes to build the whole tree. After Christmas, the tree can be folded in and out quickly and easily. The Christmas Tree 1000CM-4000LEDs Christmas Tree is equipped with an aluminum frame and a metal skewer to place the tree wherever you like. The tree is designed to be easy to use and gives a unique and amazing glow.

Christmas Tree is not only the perfect Christmas decoration for the garden, but it is also a decoration of residential squares. This tree is perfect for decorating various special events.