Tree 6M - 960 Warm White LED

up to 21 days


The Christmas Tree 600CM Warm white 960LED for flagpoles. You hoist the Christmas Tree as simple as a flag. Within 40 minutes you will have a Christmas tree ready.

The tree is made up of no fewer than nine vertical bands that are easy to hoist up a flagpole. The bands have two fibre rings in them: a small ring halfway up, and a large one at the bottom. This almost automatically creates the correct shape. Between the nine vertical bands are eight strands that each have 120 LED lights mounted in a specific order and position. When it's dark, it looks amazing. This means the tree boasts almost 1,000 lights!  Just a glow!

The eight strands of LED lights are connected to a special weather-resistant 24 volt transformer. The Christmas tree is ready to trim right from the box and is easy to store. 

Setting up the tree won't take you all day, a Christmas Tree is up and ready within 45 minutes. 

With the Christmas Tree systems you create in no time a supreme Christmas atmosphere that appeals to everyone's imagination.  

What more do you need?