SOLAR Lights (27)

SOLAR Lighting offers you lights, which use in the garden, on patio or terrace significantly increase the comfort of leisure or work, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your favourite spots. Will create in no time a supreme atmosphere that appeals to everyone's imagination.

Our products reach consumers, as well as national and international representatives of the catering industry or business.

We present you an outdoor lights, fully solar powered and energy daylight, giving light to a minimum of 8 hours. All models of our outdoor solar lamps are equipped with the intelligent Energy Management Unit system (EMU). Their modern solar panels are completely wireless and does not require a power supply. Solar lights can be left outdoors 365 days a year. Each lamp is working, using only solar energy and daylight, making them totally wireless.  It gives you a great savings for the budget and significant reductions in the cost of electricity!